EYECANDYAIR Goalie Mask Painting Customer Testimonials

EYECANDYAIR Goalie Mask Painting Customer
EYECANDYAIR would like to send a HUGE thank-you to all of our customers and web visitors for your kind words and daily compliments on our custom airbrushed goalie mask designs. As Steve is very passionate about his art, he really appreciates hearing and reading all the feedback about your freshly painted goalie mask.

It is exciting hearing about all the compliments you receive, the hot games you played, and the experience you had with EYECANDYAIR....any and all comments are encouraged and welcome!

Below are just some of the emails we have received from our EYECANDYAIR family members that have entrusted Steve Nash over the years to bring their goalie mask designs to life.

Please keep the emails coming! info@eyecandyair.com

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" The Mask is AWESOME!! I was blown away when I took it out of the box! The whole mask and paint came together just like I had imagined it would. The backplate is Perfect. I love the way that Steve did the backplate. The pirate really turned out well and is easy to identify from a distance.

All in all the paint job was awesome. I appreciate the time and effort and I think that its fair to say that this is the best one yet! I love how I can say that after each and every mask that you have done for me. It only gets better and better with you guys. Thanks again! "

Cam Ward - Carolina Hurricanes

" It was the absolute best experience I have ever had designing a mask. I am very particular about what goes on my mask so the passion and attention to detail that Steve and Steph showed really made me feel good about choosing EYECANDYAIR.

As for my mask, I was blown away when I got it, the artwork and graphics were amazing and the back plate was the best I have ever seen. I had a great time and I can't wait to do it again! "

Chris Mason- Nashville Predators

" Wow! Couldn't be happier with the paint job on my mask. Just the detail and the design elements are amazing! I love getting my mask in the mail from EYECANDYAIR. I'm always excited, and pumped for next season when I see the new mask come out of the box!

The best part about the EYECANDYAIR experience was dealing with them personally! I got tons of attention and email updates weekly or even more often. Thats really important to me, because I really want to know exactly how the mask will turn out! It's my second mask with eyecandy, and I love it! I'm sure there will be many more to come! "

Nolan Schaefer- Houston Aeros

" I thought I take the time to write and give props to what I think is outstanding paint service.

Eddy Masks has been in business over 20 years and I have heard it all when it comes to painting masks and there are good painters and bad alike. But when it comes to painting for Pros and under extreme pressure, I just have to give Full Marks to Eyecandyair's Steve Nash and his customer service agent Stephanie Pasquariello!

Stephanie took out time to drive to our shop pick up the mask and already had an understanding of what Manny Legace wanted and Steve Nash painted a beauty! 5 days and in time to get it back to me (via Stephanie- because my truck broke down) and in Manny's hands next day for the Hurricanes vs. Montreal in Montreal! And as luck would have it Manny got and chance to play (2nd period) and wear a brand new mask - straight out of the box! Because Manny liked it so much!

This mask is beautiful! I've been around and the workmanship; the thought that went into the art design; the shear tasteful approach to this paint was beyond what I could ever imagine - especially under such pressure! And Steph, she kept cool and calm and really showed so much confidence that this job was to be completed on time - in one week! Holy cow! Not too many painters I know can do this work in 5 weeks let alone 5 days! No doubt, without their professionalism, no way Manny would wear a new mask fresh out of the box game day.


Regards an overwhelmed customer Eddy Schulz - owner Eddy Masks

" I have my mask and I LOVE IT!!! It's so sick and all the boys think it is dirtyyyyyyyyy. It was awesome to see on the internet, but like you said it does not do it justice as it is unreal in person! Thanks again so much to you and Steve. You guys are first class people and you do first class work. "

Jared DeMichiel - South Carolina Stingrays/Hershey Bears

" Just wanted to let you know I got the mask this afternoon. It looks unreal I mean just looks great! You guys did such a kick ass job on this. I am very impressed thank you to the both of you. Tell Steve that the color scheme is great love it.

I wish you guys could have seen my face. Just dropped. I tore open that box like it was Christmas day! But I am sure you guys have seen that before lol. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

Brian Markowicz - Florida Everblades

" Hi Steph and Steve - WOW!!!! The mask is EXACTLY what I wanted! Simple but elegant at the same time. I've posted pictures on my team's facebook page and I've actually gotten phone calls and texts from the guys! I can't thank you guys enough.

The whole experience from start to finish with this project was absolutely wonderful. Even though I'm a 45 year old rec hockey geek trying to relive the glory days, you guys have made me feel like a pro. The service and attention to detail is worth 10 times the price. I can honestly say that I've never been treated as well by any business I've ever dealt with.

You can certainly tell that beyond the business, this is your passion. Again, I can't thank you enough! I now own a one of a kind mask that was done by a great company and a super talented artist! "

T. Battad - Winnipeg, MB

" Dear Stephanie & Steve - I would just like to start by saying how very much my family and I LOVE the mask!! You guys really have no idea how special this mask is to us. It has been such a pleasure to work with you guys. I am so thankful for everything you have done.

This past year has by far been the hardest year for my family. First we lost my father so unexpectively. That following week my grandmother passed and shortly after that we had to put one of our dogs to sleep. It really seemed like nothing would ever get better. Fortunately we've all managed to pull through and this mask has really just been a great gift to us to finish this year off on a good note. Going through the whole process and thinking of designs and ideas all really helped me keep my mind off of things and put a smile on my face knowing this was going to be an awesome tribute to the rock of our family.

Steve - You are an AMAZING artist! I could never in a million years imagine anyone else painting this mask. There is just something about your work that in my opinion sets you apart from the rest. I am not an artist(at all lol), but to me your work just has so much more of a uniqueness to it and in a way, shows alot of emotion if that makes any sense lol. It's very hard for me to explain. The tribute you did on my mask is so amazing. It's as if you knew my father personally. It is 100% his style and the artwork overall PERFECTLY signifies him. The truck, the angel wings, the tattoo...... All of it! And just to let you know, your artwork brought tears to all of our eyes when we got our first look. That's how perfect it was. One look and we all said,"that's SOOO dad". I would also like to thank you for such a special backplate. I really appreciate you adding in the buildings and waterfall on the licence plate. I know you didnt have to add that in but thank you, I love it.

I hope you know that your work truly has alot of meaning to it and has brought a smile to my family and helped us during such a tough time. Thank you so very much.

Steph - There are not enough words to tell you how thankful I am for everything you've done and all your kind words you've said over the past 9 months. You made everything such a pleasure. I am so happy that I decided to send you that email that first day I wrote you. This has all been SOOO worth it. You really are an amazing person! I know this is a business but you really make everything feel the opposite. After seeing the mask I know you should have charged me more than what you did and I sincerely thank you for that. I am in love with the mask! You were right, it definatly isn't the picture I had in my head..... It's 100x's better!!

I absolutely love everything about it. Thank god I said yes to Steve having 100% artistic freedom. The wings are phenominal! Tatoo is dead on! The backplate is awesome in black n white, very elegant looking. I wasn't expecting that! And when I said white/grey stormy sky, I didn't think it was going to look like an ACTUAL stormy sky! I can go on all day about how much I love everything about it.

This has been an amazing experience!! THANK YOU EYECANDYAIR!!!!!!! "

B. Lisberger - East Shirley, NY

" Steph, I picked up my helmet today.....All I can say is that it surpassed all my expectations. Hats off to Steve! The wait and all the time I took to select the person to paint my mask was all worth it. What can I say...I'm speechless!!! I don't even want to wear it for fear of the first puck to hit it.

Again your service and communication was second to none!!! I will be wearing this helmet with PRIDE!!! "

T. Caspers - MPLS Police Hockey Team

" I'm sitting on the couch with my mask as I type. I can't take my eyes off it. I tried to play it cool, and had even put it down in the basement on my Hockey Man rack where I let my equipment to air out between games, but after about five minutes I went back down there to bring it back up so I could keep staring at it. It was just before I started writing this that I noticed the sublimated stars in the green! AWESOME! I love the whole thing! The lions, the wall layout, the way my friends names are listed, the quotes, the backplate... I can't say enough about how cool it looks! My sister and her husband, and one of my older brothers are here with my parents, and they all are floored with how cool it looks, just as I am. The details on the lions is so perfect... The only thing that sucks about this mask is that I can't watch myself wearing it. My Mom says that opposing players will be intimidated and mesmerized by it, and I'll have shutouts in EVERY game. You gotta love Moms! I can't wait for my teammates to see it. They're gonna flip over it.

I will spend the rest of the day staring at my mask. It was so cool of you to want to share my early Christmas. It made opening my "gift" more fun!! "

M. Klein - West Hill, NY

" Needless to say I was absolutely blown away with the mask and the design! The attention to detail is absoltuely unbelievable. I had no idea what to expect. I am truly ecstatic and thrilled beyond words about it. My wife was blown away as she had no idea what it was going to look like. She was so impressed with the mask that you did for the American police officer. She does not know how you did the arena on the back plate. We were both taken by the fact that you used two photos and combined them together.

I immediately showed my parents and they were speechless (no exaggeration!!!). They could not get over the attention to detail and precision. So tomorrow is more show and tell at work and with my friends at Newmarket Minor Hockey.

You went far above and beyond my expectations as I truly did not know how it would turn out. I will have some pics for you by the weekend and send to you. Once i get the jerseys, I'll do another photo of them together.....can't wait.

Once again, many, manythanks for all you've done.......it is a great 50th birthday present; a wonderful representation of the history of hockey in Newmarket and finally a terrific and sincere tribute to the Memorial Arena..........I will certainly wear it with pride. "

P. Jelley - Newmarket, ON

" Steve has a way with details!! I can't get over how intricate the tinyest details are from the actual head mask to the braid of the rope. It should really pop under the lights. There is a lot of metal flake in the paint. My dad and I joked that the black paint used is the same as the Magnum, because it to has a lot of flake in it.

In some regards, I would like to see someone with the mask on the ice, so I can stare at it!

This was a fun process, just wish I was a Pro or had lots of money, because I would definately like to throw ideas and see what Steve comes up with. I'm debating to first wear it at the ice game, or just wear it for both inline and ice games this week. That way both teams see it. "

T. Galiszewski - Pittsburgh, PA

" I finally got some decent photos for your goalies section. Andrew still gets compliments for the mask art, even in the USA! I believe the most common comment is "that's one sick mask". He wears it with a quiet pride.

Andrew still picks up his mask just to look at it. When he first got the mask it would reside in his bedroom and for the first couple of weeks he actually slept with the mask in his bed. So I would say that he was one extremely happy kid!

Thank you to both of you and we will see you next year for the next work of art!! "

T. Gabriele- Toronto, Ontario

" Steph- The mask is incredible!! We received it Saturday morning. Patrick is just crazy about it. It definitely exceeded all of our expectations. He played a game Saturday afternoon and got to show it off to a lot of his friends. There must be some good karma too - he had a shut out! We'll take some pics of him in action in the mask and email them to you.

Thank you so much. You have been great throughout the process, and Steve is an amazing talent. Patrick wanted to let you guys know that it was absolutely worth the wait! From my perspective, I feel like we received the same care and attention as your more famous customers once it was our turn. I really appreciate that. I'm sure that Patrick will be back on your wait list at some point in the future. Hopefully his head doesn't grow for a while now. He had to mow a lot of yards for this one.


Thanks again. We wish you both all the best "

K.Anderson- Coppell, Texas

" Steve, the mask was amazing. It was better than I imagined. When I first gave my ideas I was not sure how it would look, I was worried that my ideas would not look that good. Once we walked in it was like whoa I can not believe that is mine! Everyone that I have showed so far can not believe how amazing it looks.

I want to thank you so very much for bringing my idea to life. Amazing job ...you are an amazing artist. "

G. Last- Oakville, ON

" I just got home and opened the box, and all I can say is FREAKING AMAZING!!! I totally love it. At first glance you fall in love, but when you actually take time and look at it you can see all the intricate details that are there.

I love the skin on Venom, it looks like scales and is really detailed. I really don't see how you do it, it is definitely a work of art. I can't wait for this weekend to get here so I can go show it off at the big tournament. I will definitely take alot of pictures for you guys.

You guys have earned a customer for life, I know I will definitely do another mask in a few years, and when my son gets old enough his will be coming your way as well. All I can say is it was definitely worth the wait, and if you have any customers that say they don't want to wait, tell them to email me and I will tell them myself not to use anyone else!

I appreciate all the extra time spent, and all the time spent emailing you guys. I am kind going to miss coming home and having an email to read.... "

R. McIntire- Dallas, TX

" I just wanted to let you know the mask arrived yesterday, and it is absolutely wonderful ! Troy was totally speechless when he opened it (and he is never at a loss for words). It is exactly how he wanted it to be, it is perfect. This morning he even took the mask out to the bus stop to show his friends.

Thanks to Steve and Steph for doing such a great job and for making a 12 year old very happy! "

S. Anderson- Carleton Place, ON

" Just wondering when you were going to update your site with the new masks? Everyone that sees my mask can't believe that the pictures of my kids are hand drawn. I have refs, opposing players, even scorekeepers asking me about it. Steve, everybody is very impressed with your work. "

J. Raymond- Mississauga, ON

" Just wanted to let you know that I got my mask today, and it is absolutely amazing!!!! It looks even better that the pictures! I will definitely keep you guys in mind for my next mask, and will definitely recommend you guys to all the goalies I know!
Thanks for a beautiful mask! "

J. Elias- Yuma, AZ

"  I just got my mask......It's F&#$$*# awesome!!!!! You guys rock! I was like a little kid on Christmas Day when it got here. It came just in time for my game tonight. Thanks again for all you have done. I can't wait to show everybody.Keep up the great work!! "

J. Glicksman- Plattsburgh Lounge Lizards (Plattsburgh, NY)

" Amazing work absolutely brilliant,love the whole helmet great idea with the green/gold sparkles this thing looks amazing in the sun. The red and the green are perfect matches, I wouldnt change a thing. I've already had many compliments and had to email pictures to everybody. Steve its perfect....just what I was looking for and I can't wait to try it on the track. This helmet definitely stands out above the rest.

I can see myself sending you my bike plastic this winter will work on the idea. Thankyou very much, will send all your way that ask. It was definitely worth the wait. "

K. Reid- Calgary, AB

" I received the mask.....It's an awesome mask! I agree that it looks much cooler in your hands rather than in a picture. I have heard nothing but good remarks about the design from my team, family, and friends. I like the colors and they mesh good with the team colors. I think the coolest part is the blue color of the fur on the wolf and the eyes. Thank you for helping me put together my idea! "

N. Marcucci- Parkridge, IL

" First off let me tell you how blown away I was with the artwork. I had a vision in my non artist head and thank God you have the talent and vision that so far exceeded mine it is unreal. I really can't express my pleasure with the artwork!

I played last night for the first time and the mask is great. The big differences between the Sportmask and my old Itech are the sightlines are much better, it is lighter, I can hear much better and the extended chin really covers my neck.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. I don't know how you can raise the bar any further, but I am sure you will! "

R. Hall- Mississauga, ON

" Carmen called me at work and summed it up in two words when I answered the phone - "IT'S AWESOME!" He is absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. You were right; it was worth the wait. I will take a few pics at his tournament this weekend.

Thanks so much for all your help and for keeping us posted on the progress. I hope we weren't too much bother but he was so anxious to receive it. Steve, you did a great job...Carmen is one happy goalie and that makes me one happy goalie's mom! "

P. Fortunato- Clairton, PA

" I just wanted to thank you again for getting the mask to me before my trip! Our team didn't win the tournament (we lost the semi-final game), but I had a really great time, and showing off that lid made for one of my best birthdays ever! Other goalies that I met at the tourney were impressed with the pro-quality paint job, and were asking me who the artist was. Needless to say, EYECANDYAIR got a lot of exposure that weekend. Take care, and thanks again! "

R. Viduya- Brampton, ON

" The mask is awesome, Marcus hasn't stopped looking at it. His mother keeps asking him to put it away because he constantly has it out on display in the living room. The first game with it went well. We won 3-1. They got a late goal on a scramble. The mask was a huge hit with all his team mates and coaches. He had to take it to school on Tuesday because his teacher and principal had heard so much about it that they had to see the finished product. I think he ended up showing every teacher in the school.

The way you captured Marcus' drawing and transferred onto the mask with such detail and likeness truly makes it his own mask. We hopefully will be getting the new pads and gloves in soon. When we do, we will send you guys some action pictures. "

D. Hlywka- Mississauga, ON

" We absolutely LOVE the mask, as does everyone who sees it.... we have received many comments and have mentioned you guys countless times. I can't imagine that you wont receive some business from all the buzz. Steve's works speaks for itself! (and we mentioned the spectacular customer service as well!). Thanks again, for everything. You guys are AWESOME!!!! "

S. Tahk- Hamilton, ON

" Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you....awesome...in fact the mask looks so good I don't think I can even wear it to play and screw up the art. My wife is totally convinced we have to send you guys our motorcycle helmets too. Freakin' incredible...did I say thank-you! Just in case, THANK-YOU!

Steph: Thanks for your 'professionalism', you present a very excellent service, attention to detail and enthusiasm that is infectious!

Steve: I am not worthy...just when I thought I could not be more impressed...you blew me away!

I will be an 'EYECANDYAIR' fan forever! You guys rock! "

T. "The Tiger" Duplante-Winipeg,MB

" I just picked up my mask today, and I am thoroughly impressed with the work that you have done with it. I literally have a new mask! I cannot believe the transition that it has undergone. The colour is perfect! You really do work wonders.

I wish you much success with your business and I will be sure to recommend your services in the future! Thanks again! "

T. Trischuk- Edmonton, AB

" Hi Steph- WOW! I just recieved my mask. It is amazing. I like the way it turned out allot. Thank you for all the time you put in. I dont think it would have turned out the way it did without your effort. Thanks again.

Also tell Steve thanks, he did a really great paintjob. I still cant believe the clouds in the background of the nightmare side. The monster looks sick. The banner looks amazing. The backplate looks so good, I really like the reflections added to the sides of it. Oh and the sparkle coat looks so sick too.

Overall, great mask. Thank you guys for everything. I wish all the best to Eyecandyair. "

C. Borkes-Oak Ridge,NJ

" WOW....I just got the mask and I'm completely speechless! As you may have noticed, I'm pretty picky and had a bit of a hard time giving complete creative control to somebody else, but Steve did an absolutely amazing job. I couldn't be happier with how it came out.

Thanks again for all your help throughout the process- it's much appreciated! I love the mask and I'll definitely be recommending you to other goalies(don't worry, I won't mention how much of a deal I got on it). Thanks again!  "

T. Powers- Chicago, IL

" I dont even know how to put how I feel in words. The mask is breath taking. Every one I have shown today says that it the most incredible piece of art they have ever seen. Sorry I didn't email you sooner but I was busy trying to buy a new truck today. I showed everyone, even the guys at the dealership. I didn't get a truck today, but it's cool cause I got a SICK ASS MASK!

My friends that are on the back were in shock. A name I thought of was "SHOWTIME" because thats one of the first things I thought of after I took it all in. I wanted to throw my gear on and just start robbing guys. Part of me just wants to put it up in my room also. The first puck that hits it im prob gona go after the guy that shot it.

I wish I could of picked it up myself, so that way I would of been able to thank Steve in person, and to express how much I love it. I cant thank you enough! "

J. Morton-Oak Chatsworth,CA

" The mask was and is an incredible depiction of what I had imagined. It went beyond what I had thought would be accomplished. I love art and more important I love that I have somethng original and something that resembles what I would classify as "art" and not just symbols of cartoon charcters.

The piece is more than just images it really is an a compilaton of your skill and imagination. Thank you for your hard work. "

J. Benoit- Toronto, ON

" I wish I could have been there to get the mask in person, the typed word and my limited vocabulary doesn't do my reaction justice.....Just opened my mask, man it's unbelievable!! The details are incredible!

Artisitc freedom is a beautiful thing!! The Union Jack on the chin plate added that little "je ne sais qouis" that only a mask artist would have the vision to add..it really finishes the mask off beautifully!!.....Awesome!

With such a small and restricted canvas, Steve really utilized all available real estate to it's full potential!! The mask flows beautifully. I am extremely happy with the mask and couldn't be happier, I see absolutely NOTHING that leaves even the slightest bad taste in my mouth....excellent job!

Thank you for the late nights and obvious effort that went into dealing with me and my mask....They say, in private buisness, you can only get out what you put in....I really hope you guys are rewarded adequately 'cause you sure log some awful hours!!! I'll be in touch again soon! "

S. Patey- Gander,NFLD

" I'm sure you hear this all the time - That is an absolutely awesome piece of work!! Steve is a genius. Speechless...thanks for all your work regarding this project....money well spent.

I'm not sure about wearing it to play hockey, I wouldn't want to damage it. I might just have it on display in the house! The Warriors logo looks perfect, flags are more 'cartoony' than I expected, but better that way. The use of the contrast between the flags is brilliant. And the 77 sticks out like the proverbial doggy hangy downy bits. Cheers, from one very happy Scotsman in Oz! "

B. Jeffrey- Sunshine, VIC- Australia

" I want to take this time to personally thank you for all the time and energy that you guys put into my project. As other testimonials have stated my project came out even better than I expected.

Some of the little details (some that take time to notice) that Steve incorporates into his painting are just amazing! I brought it to work to let the art department that did some of the art see it. They were just as impressed as I, as to the detail and quality of your work. Thanks again for a professional job done by professional people. "

T. Chiocca- Raynham, MA

" WOW!!!! The paint job is cool! Mara loves it, especially the eagle and the Sid on the back. She is very excited about it. You did an excellent job incorporating everything that she had wanted and asked for. That cartoon type theme fits her personality also. She is always kind of a kidder, etc.

We really appreciate all the hard work that went into that mask. We will highly recommend you for further business and we won't hesitate to use you again either. Once again thank you so much we really appreciate it very much. "

S. Stormer- Waunakee, WI

" Hey Steph and Steve...we just got back from hockey school today we were in Minnesota for a week. We both wanted to rush home so that we could see the mask when it came in. Isaiah hasn't taken it off since we got home and will probably sleep with it tonight, he loves it that much!

We were both totally shocked to see just how good it came out and surpised at the execellent art work Steve did, it is even better than we could ever have imagined...it is definatley EYE CANDY. Thank-you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

We will for sure be calling again for his next mask as he grows up as a young goaltender to hopefully a pro one day...who knows right? "

K. Morrison- Steinbach, MB

" Thank you so much for the job on the mask. I was expecting perfect, and you went above that. I appreciate all the work you put into that mask, I know it was an older one, and now its like brand new.

It looks awesome, and its a million times better than what it was. I am pumped to get wearing it. I appreciate it, and I know that there is no other place that my masks are going to than EYECANDYAIR! "

B. Leggatt- Hamilton, ON

" STEPH- OMG....absolutely AMAZING!!!! Lightyears better then my wildest dreams could even imagine. I got it at the store today while I was working and I was so pumped!! Not to mention everyone at the store thinks it's kick ass too!!! Thank you so much to both you and Steve for everything!!

You guys rock. You totally didn't have to ship overnight but it speaks volumes to what you are willing to do for your customers....something that I totally admire being in the service industry. I will definitely be coming back for reconditioning this mask and for the next paintjob way down the road!! Thanks for all of your organiztion in your dealings with me, thanks for the patience in helping me gather all my ideas and thank you for AN AMAZING PAINT JOB!!!

Best of luck to you two, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future!! "

J. Hooson- Jackson, WY

" I just got the new mask and all I can say is WOW! I am almost afraid to even wear it on the ice because I don't want any pucks to hit it.

It turns out my college team got new jerseys in black and red, so now all my gear and my new helmet will match perfectly. Thank you guys for your work, this is worth every penny! "

K. Nrekic- Shelton, CT

" Thank-you so much for the "tribute" to my children. Steve, I knew you were a gifted artist from seeing previous masks you had done, professional and otherwise. I knew that only you could create even close to how I feel about my children.

You surpassed my hopes! All of your little details are notices and appreciated. I'm truly overwhelmed. You elicited the expressions in your portraits of my children that I well remember.

You and Steph kept me current through the whole process and made the necessary tweekings as we went along. You really made this an experience and I look forward to wearing my "Canuck" mask of Hope! "

S. Westcott- Toronto, ON

" This thing is amazing! I can't wait to use it in a game. I just want to thank-you Steph and Steve for all the work you put into my mask, it came out better than I could have ever imagined. I'll be sure to get a few photos of me in action with it and send 'em your way too.

Now I'm definitely biased, but I think that mine is his best one yet! I know I'll be turning heads with this thing on at my next game next week, and I'm sure all the Canadian firemen that I'll play against in the Southern Ontario firefighters tournament will get a kick out of it too. Again thanks a million! "

D. McAdams- Maspeth, NY

" "Awesome" was Zach's first word when he saw his mask so I believe that should tell you he was very pleased with Steve's work. He had a big smile and I could tell he loved the New York Yankee logo and also the Eagle. He mentioned that a few of his teammates are probably going to use the Yankee logo as target practice so his glove hand better be ready. My wife's jaw nearly hit the floor as well as she loved it too.

All is very good...hopefully I can get a picture of Zach in action in the coming weeks and send it along. Once again please pass along to Steve how thrilled we are with his work! Zach is looking forward to unveiling the mask tomorrow at practice. Thanks again! "

T. Kowalsky- Burlington, ON

" The mask looks GREAT! Thanks again for such an awesome lid. Every time I look at it I find something new.


I also proposed to my girlfriend with the mask. I put the ring in the mask bag. She pulled out the mask and looked at it for a while. As she started to put the mask back in the bag, I told her to look in the bag, there was something else in there. To make a long story short, she cried and said yes! So again, thank you guys.

Can't wait to get out there and wear it! I'll send pics... "

M.Bochniak- Street, MD

" I just wanted to say that the mask you did for me is absolutely INSANE! I will definitely scare my opponents, especially with that huge crazy dog skull on the back plate! The way you did it blew my design out of the water! Thanks for an awesome job Steve! "

M. Arrizza #30- Mississauga, ON

" Just wanted to say thanks again. Keaton loves the mask and although he didn't get a win last night. He looked great! Honestly its just perfect.

Please let Steve know Keaton thinks he's the best artist ever! "

K.Trethewey- Richmond Hill, ON



P. McDevitt- North Bellmore, NY

" I just want to thank you for the GREAT job you did on my mask!
I was so proud of it I was standing behind the glass waiting for the game to finish with my mask on. I wanted the players on the ice and walking in for their game to see my mask. During my game every time the whistle went I skated to the corners so the players coming in and the people watching the games in the bar could see my mask. I got some thumbs up from a few players, They liked my smiley faces on the mask. Once again Steve thank you very much keep up the GREAT work. "

D.Nortime- Scarborough, ON

" Gee, I hardly know where to start. Well, I'll start where every single one of your customers start...with the mask. One word..."SPEECHLESS"...I was speechless the moment I saw it. Steve, you captured every single message I wanted to send and image I wanted to portray. And I gave you many of them.

When I began to put the "Tribute" theme together for this mask, I wanted to pay homage to the "people & things" that make up who I am today. I quickly realized that there were many and it would be difficult to make them all fit, not to mention make them flow into one another, given the fact that there was such a variety of colours to deal with. You assured me it could be done. And boy, did you deliver! Your creativity with the sample images I gave you is amazing.

I had a mental image of what I thought it would look like upon completion and although I never doubted you, I wondered how it would turn out....I was blown away when I saw it. Everyone who's seen it marvels at how everything comes together. I absolutely love the layout of the piano keyboard and the musical notes..and the 3D look you gave the piano keys...It looks like I can actually play the keys, they look THAT real...

Not to mention placing the robin in there with the music and showing him whistling..fantastic idea..I never would've thought of that...The Breast Cancer Ribbon delivers exactly what I'd envisioned. I wanted it to be the first thing people would notice, and it certainly is. It jumps out at you. The lighthouse shows its strength amid the rough seas and the waves, the cat eyes were wonderfully placed, the Flyers logo is beautifully done. Your artistic impressions are flawless...Thanks Steve. Your artistic skills are razor sharp.

To Steph- None of the above could've been possible without your enthusiasm and dedication to the service you provide. Your attention to details, keeping track of everything that was discussed in our meetings along with the patience your showed in answering my many questions and concerns throughout the project impressed me to no end. The customer service I received was top notch. You guys make a terrific team. Thank you so much!

To anyone who has found their way to the EYECANDYAIR website, I say this: Browse the site, look around at all the beautiful creations Steve & Steph have helped bring to life and make the call! You'll be glad you did...There's a reason that the "Our Goalies" sections is so full..Each and every one of them is thrilled with their EYECANDYAIR creation. And I'm honoured to now be a part of that exclusive club. I can't wait for my next one!

Thank You so much Steve, Steph. Best of Luck to you both! "

I. Garant (Welland Raiders)- Welland, ON

" Steph...the new lid arrived today...I was anxiously awaiting it's arrival....I was not disappointed. I am extremely pleased to say the least!

Thanks so much for getting this one done for me and putting to canvas what I had awkwardly described over a few illustrious e-mails...I am ecstatic with the work, and it's appearance.. BEAUTIFUL WORKMANSHIP.

Thanks again.....I'll see you on the next project whenever that might be. "

G.McAnulty "Chief Patus Ratus" #20 Deep River,  ON

" We just received the painted mask this morning and what a fantastic job!! It beat expectations and Kaitlyn absolutely loved it!!!! Beautiful artwork and very professional.

Steve, you are the undisputed BEST!!! Kaitlyn cannot wait until the start of the next hockey season to wear it and in the meantime the mask is sitting on her shelf like a trophy.

My son will be getting ready for a new goalie mask next season and I anticipate another one for you to paint in the future. Thanks again, Steve and Steph!! "

W. Yong - Boston, MA

" Like a kid before Christmas I couldn't wait to open the box as soon as it was delivered, but when I did.... WOW!!!! Steve you scored the big one with the job you did on my mask. You're my MVP and are in my Hall of Fame. The skull plate turned out better then I ever could have imagined thanks again....and Steph you were awesome during this whole adventure and I don't think I could have got through it without you. Now I have to go look at it some more. "

B.Matthews - Sherwood Park,  AB

" Sorry for the wait but I couldn't think of what to say, I had to show all of my friends to tell you their reaction, and I had to play hockey in the amazing thing I can call "my" mask.

Firstly, I played a tournament in my new helmet! Stephanie, remember when you said that I had to play the best I have ever played as long as I wear my new helmet. Well I played two games in my tournament and I got two shutouts! I didn't play the harder games but a shutout is a shutout, it still counts.

Secondly, you should have been there when my friends saw my helmet. They couldn't get over it. There was one girl on my team and every time she would get on the bench after her shift she would sit beside me just to stare at my helmet. But some people when they saw my helmet you could tell that they wanted to be the first person to put that deadly puck mark on it. Now I know what you're thinking, who would want to do that? I thought the same thing. I needed a plan so that it wasn't possible for them to do that in warm-up. So before the game I told my coach that I wanted a rule so that they couldn't hit me in the head with a puck. And my plan worked. To this day there isn't a puck mark on my helmet. I wipe it down with a cloth after every ice time just to make it looks beautiful.

Another girl on my team is a defense and a shooter took a shot. The shot went way over my head but it didn't matter to my D. She went into the corner with the girl following behind. But as she was skating she yelled "no head shots". After she said that, the next whistle I gave her a hug and I couldn't stop laughing.

Thirdly, THANKS!!! I'm very proud to be able to show off my awesome helmet to everyone I know and people I don't. Thank you Steph for putting this together and making it possible. And thank you very much Steve for taking your time to paint my helmet and doing a _____ job (there isn't even a word to describe what a good job you did on my helmet!). I'm speechless!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 LOVE <3 MY NEW HELMET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

S. Hobbs - Toronto, ON

" I just wanted to thank-you guys for everything you guys have done for me and putting up with annoying emails LOL! I also just wanted to say the mask is unbelievable and is soooooo much more than I ever could have expected.

Steve you did an unreal job and any mask I get done I know exactly who I'm calling. You guys were great and did amazing work thank you sooooo much for everything. "

M.Stuart - Toronto ON

" Hey Steph - I seriously want to thank both you and Steve! The mask is hands down sick, I wanted bling and I got it. Steve once again amazed me at how gifted he is. He took what I imagined in my head and made 10 times better. That's two mask now that he has blown me away with an amazing piece of art.

The detail on the Knight is ridiculous! There is just something about him that pulls you in, the pictures won't do it justice. He shines and pops out at you. The picture of my Daughter is beautiful, and the back plate means a lot to my family. I can't thank Steve enough!

You are a delight to work with, and make the experience even more of an exciting process. I love how you get just as excited about my mask as I do. Well I'm going to enjoy this mask for a while, but I look forward to the next one when my Daughter is a little older and we get to start this all over again. Thanks again to you both!! "

J. Morton - Northridge, CA

" I just received the mask. I am speechless. It is absolutely PERFECT!!!! Steve hit an absolute home run. I LOVE the colors and how the whole mask fits perfectly together. Steve took my idea and put it together flawlessly. To be honest, I was nervous my expectations were too high, but the end result surpassed my expectations ten-fold. I can't imagine how the mask could be any better.

Now I can't wait to show it off tonight. I've been staring at constantly for the last hour, and finally have been able to put it down long enough to write you. The end result has been well worth the wait. I definitely found the right man for the job. Please express my gratitude to Steve. He truly is an artist. I could not be happier!!!

One very happy goalie! L.Missner - Seattle, WA

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