EYECANDYAIR Goalie Mask Painting Featured Goalie

EYECANDYAIR was able to catch up with a member of our goalie family
Steve Devekos from Scarborough, Ontario
To do this special exclusive one-on-one interview!

ECA: What inspired you to be a goalie?
SD: Seriously it's the notion of being the last line of defense! After your goony defensemen fail at their only task, it's up to you to save their bacon! It's the intensity and the psychology of the position...Ok I lie...It's the women! Chicks dig Michelin men! : P

ECA: How old were you when you started?
SD: I was 4 years old when my brother decided he needed a target to shoot at (he was 11). Outfitted with the latest and greatest goalie gear, (couch pillow pads, and a baseball glove trapper), he blasted tennis balls at my head like there was no tomorrow. Several bloody noses later, the love for goaltending began!

ECA: What is the highest level you have played?
SD: I guess college was, prior to that it was high school. Unfortunately the NHL scouts overlooked me, or were sick on days of my games so no multi-million dollar contracts for me!

ECA: Did you ever have a goalie coach?
SD: Never did, all my coaches believed that lining up shooters and blasting pucks at me for 20 minutes was practice enough. I recently took part in a mini-camp that may or may not have taken place with Steve Mckichan and Dave Wells. Both are great people and great coaches.

ECA: What style of goaltending do you play?
SD: What's that style called where sometimes you look like you're break dancing in the crease? Hybrid? Well then I guess I'm a hybrid! I run on gas as well as electricity!

ECA: How many times a week do you play?
SD: How many times a week do YOU play? Why is it always about ME ME ME? : P (4 times)

ECA: What are your strengths?
SD: Strengths? Don't you know opposition beer league teams can be reading this? Give them a free scouting report why don't you?

ECA: Care to add weaknesses?
SD: None! I am the reflection of perfection!! : P

ECA: Who is your favourite NHL goalie?
SD: Martin Brodeur is my favourite goalie without a doubt. He approaches every shot and situation differently, which makes it much harder for teams to scout and write a book on him. I try taking after him in that way.

ECA: What type of gear are you wearing?
SD: Gear wise I'm all over the chart! Aside from the two Eagle Pieces:

ECA: Do you have any game superstitions?
SD: I know I'm weird, but I'm not that weird yet....YET!

ECA: Any advice to other goalies out there?
SD: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER!...Play without a jock!...EVER! Trust me! I did once and I thought "Oh, what are the odds of them hitting me there?" No word of a lie..First 5 mins...POW! Ouch!

ECA: Anything else you'd like to add?
SD: What? No more questions? I was just on a roll! Booo-urns!

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Steve, that was so much fun! Thanks for taking time to chat with us and share your goaltending experiences and thoughts for all to read.
Best of luck on the ice!

If you are a member of the EYECANDYAIR family and would like to be a featured goalie, please send us an email info@eyecandyair.com

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