EYECANDYAIR Airbrushed Goalie Mask Painting Featured Goalie

EYECANDYAIR was able to catch up with a member of our goalie family
Amy Burke from Sandown, NH
To do this special exclusive one-on-one interview!

Amy was the winner of the first Ultimate EYECANDY contest we ever held! She submitted her dream design and was lucky enough to score herself a brand new Sportmask T3 goalie mask custom airbrush painted with her winning design.

ECA: What inspired you to be a goalie?
AB: The cool equipment! It was always the goalies that caught my attention, and Pete Peeters on the Boston Bruins was my first goalie hero. I never really thought I'd be playing much until my husband got us playing inline every week. I started out in sneakers and finally got an opportunity to skate on a women's team.

ECA: How old were you when you started?
AB: 27-a friend refereed a game for some women, and said they were just shooting at a board. I made the jump from inline to the ice and haven't looked back since.

ECA: What is the highest level you have played?
AB: Tier 1 C-level in a women's league.

ECA: Did you ever have a goalie coach?
AB: I've had no coaching until this season with the Senior Lady Monarchs. I did attend Joe Bertagna's first ever Woman's Goalie camp.

ECA: What style of goaltending do you play?
AB: Hybrid

ECA: How many times a week do you play?
AB: Once a week with one night of team practice.

ECA: What are your strengths?
AB: Quick feet and sound positioning.

ECA: Care to add weaknesses?
AB: I do have a weakness for Cheetos...

ECA: Who is your favourite NHL goalie?
AB: Martin Brodeur

ECA: What type of gear are you wearing?
AB: Bauer supreme pads, Vortek VK5 catcher and blocker, Bauer XIX skates and my contest winning Sportmask T3

ECA: Do you have any game superstitions?
AB: Yes, too many oddities to count. I always put the same pad on first, I always whack my pads a certain way......

ECA: Any advice to other goalies out there?
AB: When the scores lopsided, never give up, just try to stop each shot as it comes.

ECA: Anything else you'd like to add?
AB: Taking 4 years off to have my little girl was necessary because I wouldn't want to miss any of her growing. I'm older and a bit slower now, but having her and my husband in the stands cheering me on really is what makes it all worth it.

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Amy, that was so much fun! Thanks for taking time to chat with us and share your goaltending experiences and thoughts for all to read.
Best of luck on the ice and enjoy your brand new Sportmask T3 goalie mask!

If you are a member of the EYECANDYAIR family and would like to be a featured goalie, please send us an email info@eyecandyair.com

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